Quality Assurance – BRC/IOP


Melior Film Converters operates within the BRC accredited facility of its parent company Accrued Plastic Ltd. As part of this system Melior operates a fully documented and audited Quality Management System.


  • All film products are purchased from quality accredited suppliers, which are audited and assessed by our quality team.
  • All film (where required) is direct food contact approved and complies with all current legal requirements for plastic articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.
  • Melior operate a HACCP system to ensure product safety and integrity throughout all stages of our processes.
  • A documented full batch traceability system is in place for all film reels and stock, enabling our customer’s to be confident in the integrity of the products supplied.
  • Certificates of conformity can be supplied for all products to suit your requirements (per delivery, quarterly or annually).

Please feel free to download our BRC details by clicking the certificate above.